Collection: Hair & Body

Formulated with the ancient Ayurvedic sciences of beauty and health, Kosa's hair and body care are designed for daily balancing of each unique mind/body dosha.  We offer a customized blend of each product for you to select from:

Vata (wind/ether) – Ginger, clove, amalaki, neem & baobob oil. Deep hydration and nourishment for dry, thin skin and hair. 

Pitta (fire/water) – Sandalwood, rose, cardamom, aloe, and brahmi to soothe irritated, sensitive skin and rejuvenate thinning hair. 

Kapha (earth/water) – Rose geranium, grapefruit, cardomom, rosemary. Offers new life to dull skin and hair, invigorating the senses.