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Scalp Oil

Scalp Oil

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Applying oil to the hair is an integral haircare practice in Ayurveda to complement washing and conditioning. This practice involves massaging the scalp, stimulating special points (marmas) that open energetic channels in mind and body.

Our Scalp Oil was designed for use in the spa in our Indian Head Massage and contains coconut oil and rose to soothe the scalp, fennel, fenugreek, neem, and rosemary to stimulate circulation and encourage healthy hair growth, and sandalwood and fennel essential oils to calm the mind.


*=Certified Organic
Coconut oil*, Brahmi* Bhringaraj*, Neem*, Fennel*, Fenugreek*. Rose*, Rosemary*, essential oils of rose, lime, lavender, spearmint, sandalwood, cedarwood atlas, fennel

Care information

In sections, apply oil to scalp and hair roots. Massage with fingertips in circular and zigzag motion to stimulate the scalp and open energetic channels. Smooth out oil to all of hair and bring to ends. Use 2-3 times per week, ideally before bed. Wash the next day with Kosa haircare.
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